Interadubo's Agricultural Unit,

Interadubo Mission Statement

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Established in 1989, INTERADUBO is a leader company in importing and distributing fertilizers in Portugal. maos

With a sustained growth, based on the quality of its products and services, the company detains 20% of the market share, with a production capacity of 200.000 MT per year.

Based on a culture of innovation, supported by the most important world leading producers of fertilizers, INTERADUBO researches and develops continuously new grades of fertilizers, suitable to needs of the national agriculture.

From the group, there are two more companies specialised in fertilization: Polpagra and Agrifértil.


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Located in Santarém – the heart of Ribatejo, region where agriculture of reference is practiced, Polpagra has been producing fertilizers, for agriculture, over 20 years.logo_polpagra2

Since its founding in 1976, Polpagra has developed innovative production processes to satisfy a demanding agriculture, while paying special attention to the environment protection by creating a range of biological organic products.

In early 80’s, Polpagra introduced into the market the products BIORGANO and GUANO SUPER, with the purpose of improving the physical, chemical and biological properties of agricultural soils.

The research of new products, allowed Polpagra in early 90’s to become pioneer, in Portugal, in the development of a new range of fertilizers: FERTIGAN, organo-mineral fertilizers granulated in pellets.


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The group has presently two industrial units, located in Santarém and Maia. foto_sant

The industrial unit in Santarém is located near the A1 highway, at 65 Km from the Maritime Port of Lisbon, with easy access to main communication roads. (See the map).comp2

Interadubo – Santarém

The industrial unit of Maia, located at about 15 Km from the Porto Maritime Port (Leixões), offers an excellent geographical position to supply the north of the country and has easy access to main roads and highways.